Musicverb - Stop The Newsletter

Email is the biggest platform with more than 2.6 billion users. There are more than 112.5 billion emails sent and received, every day, for business purposes alone. You also feed that phenomenon; think about how many emails you send to make a concert happen!

Over 20 Million Emails have been sent while you read the previous paragraph!

From the day the email became part of our routines, we understood all the marketing opportunities it offers. Those old school paper bulletins that helped us spread the word were converted into digital newsletters.

The result: millions of E-Newsletter are sent every day.


1 · “Attention” is the internet’s currency.
When you send an email, you are asking for attention. If you demand a lot of attention, you are probably “charging” more than your recipients can pay. The best way to manage that attention is to send relevant content only so your contact feel it is worthy and pay it Attention!


2 · Stop The Newsletters
What are you thinking when you say “I’m gonna send a ‘Newsletter'”? Do you think about a news release like those we read in the newspapers or a relevant blog post? Probably, not. Often, you are sending a Promotional Email with long biographies; photos that take to much time to download; and a huge stack of links for videos, social networks, websites, news – with the single purpose of making low-cost advertising. That is what you need to stop doing!

65% of emails are opened on smartphones. Have you imagined how difficult it is to read that information in smaller screens?

In case you want to capture the attention of your contacts when starting a new conversation, you should stop sending “newsletters” with the content that must be on a web page, on a single link.

A valuable reason to send an email to your contacts is the opportunity for your artist to perform in their region. At that time, you must update them all about concerts, recordings, and other relevant matters.

If it is not relevant – a.k.a. not being released in other channels like TV, Radio, Newspapers, and Blogs – then it is a good chance for you to save your network’s attention for the time you need to chat or send interesting content.


3 · Good Reasons
My artist will be on tour in your country this May. Here is the opportunity you were looking for to book a concert!

Are you in the position of having this approach?
If not, start working on it.