Liverpool’s new band Veyu aspires to take the listeners on a strong emotional ride. For that, they create well-served mournful, intimate and dense songs covered in harmony and sensibility.


Their intention is “to connect with people on an emotional level”. According to the group from Liverpool, they really “strive to make music that people want to absorb, not just hear, that they can lose themselves in.” “We hope that the ideas behind our music strike a chord, evoke certain moods and feelings,” they conclude.

Chris Beesley (vocals, guitar), Adam Bresnen (vocals, guitar), James Tidd (bass), Tom McCabe (drums) and Donovan Collins (synth, keys) have made their start with debut double A-side single “Running/ The Everlasting”. Their mission was completely and utterly accomplished, since the tracks are floating with feelings and provoking different sensations while listening to them.

The band has released “Running” ahead of a gig given at Fallout Factory, the same place where the track was developed. Later, it was mastered and self-produced at the Parr Street Studios.

The song was rather complimented by its “definitive guitar chops, vocal pirouetting while showcasing a sound unlike anything on offer in Liverpool”, in the words of Getintothis. Peter Guy has also described the Merseyside quintet in his blog Getintothis as a perfect conjunction of “cerebral” and “visceral”.

If it’s true that Liverpool’s music scene has been in a sort of rebirth era, it definitely could be thankful to groups like Veyu, with their dark resonant manoeuvres, intense compositions and songwriting.