Four days and five nights of pure enchantment are offered by Towersey Village Festival. A selection of the finest music, dance, spoken word, street theatre, cinema, and much more, is the concern patent in this event. 2014 will be time to celebrate the 50th anniversary with the support of charismatic artists like Richard Thompson, The Urban Folk Quartet and The Bootleg Beatles.


Fifty years of Towersey Village Festival demand a big celebration. The event’s staffs guarantee it will be a special edition, able to make this important landmark even more remarkable. The line-up will be full of interesting artists and many surprises will be taking place in Oxfordshire.

The agenda includes a show by the world’s most acclaimed Beatles Band, The Bootleg Beatles. The band will open the 50th edition of Towersey. It is a happy and very apropos coincidence, because there has also been 50 years since the release of “Help!” and the Beatles’ triumph over the US audience.

But this won’t be the only concert worth watching, that’s for sure. Towersey Village will also receive “the finest rock songwriter after Dylan and best electric guitarist since Hendrix”, according to LA Times. Richard Thompson will climb the stage on August 22th.

Stormy and vibrant, accomplished and skilled, The Urban Folk Quartet elements will join the other names in this year’s programme. Known by giving electrifying performances, these four voices, their musicians and dozens of instruments are some of the most-wanted presences in 2014 Towersey Festival.

“Towersey is a festival experience that spreads far beyond the norm,” defended R2 Magazine. Conceived as a space to enjoy several art expressions, Towersey Village Festival, located in Oxfordshire, was founded in 1965 and has been on activity ever since.

To the amazing choice of entertainers the organisation added a striking setting and that’s enough to create the magic around Towersey. The occasion attracts around 10,000 people every year. Ten years ago (August 26 – August 30, 2004), the South Oxforshire’s event attracted much higher numbers, probably due to its 40th anniversary. Something makes us think that this edition of the “little village with big ideas” will leave the stakes even higher.