Moved by the passion for jazz, The Yardbird has been promoting the genre since 2007. Birmingham’s club was built on the basis of this musical style’s world representations.


Before The Yardbird has started its activity there wasn’t a dignifying personification of jazz and funk cultures in Birmingham. The year of 2007 was running when that concern started to dissipate. Everything changed at the very time of this intimate music venue’s foundation.

Today, and for about eight years, Yardbird is a definite spot for those who want to relax and enjoy the sounds of jazz ensembles and artists in a blasé ambiance. Keen on representing the things that can be seen at the greatest and obligatory jazz venues in the world, the Birmingham’s club has been offering a ticket to the memories of funky grooves and swingy jazz traces.

Mostly a place where people can enjoy a good time, watch band gigs or dj sets, the music venue’s impact has been growing exponentially. National and international jazz, funk, soul and acoustic performances are Yardbird’s main attractions.

UK’s website Cool Places has written about the club’s magic and what makes the audiences become smitten: “The Yardbird is an unpretentious and easy-going venue with intimate seating, a stage just a smidgen above ankle height and a decor that recalls an age when jazz clubs were smoky basement haunts frequented by hipsters and beatniks. It’s a perfect respite from the more rambunctious parts of the city, and quite a draw for more dilettante music lovers.”

This is a really modern, upbeat and unique place which offers new and exciting updates from several jazz artists. The Yardbird’s followers have seen the best ensembles perform behind its doors since trioVD to The Partisans, Kit Dowes to Soweto Kinch, and so many others. That ought to be one of the most precious diamonds in the city.