For The Wombats everything changed from the minute they have released the inaugural album “Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation”. Brought to platinum, the Liverpudlian trio’s introduction work was seen as an impressive piece full of humour, talented vocal and instrumental harmony.



Matthew Murphy, Dan Haggis, Tord Knudsen: the names behind a band formed in Liverpool called The Wombats. The members are the new music business acquisition. The fact that they’re not worried about what others think about them might be reason enough to make joyful tunes and lyrics. Actually, the media are loving the non-sense, the rebellious and fun side of the British trio.

“In fact, they might be the first of this most recent post-millennial wave of often indistinguishable Brit dance-pop artists to be enjoyable because they don’t seem to take themselves (or their songs) that seriously,” applauded Pitchfork on their review of “Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation”.

Titles like “Kill The Director”, “Moving To New York” and “Let Dance To Joy Division” were almost instantaneous hits in alternative dancefloors. The last track even won the NME Award for the Best Dancefloor Filler. How about that for an incendiary gang?

Their style is flamboyant, vibrant with a bit of obscurity. The Wombats show a whole repertoire of songs capable of inviting people to shake their demons off. The English band’s explosive mixture has appealed 14th Floor Records, a label that soon signed for them in the United Kingdom. In the United States the three musicians are supported by Bright Antenna, arecord label based in the San Francisco Bay Area that believes it is possible “to be a rock star and not be a sellout”.

After “Girls, Boys and Marsupials” warm-up and well-heated “A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation”, “This Modern Glitch” succeeded. The Wombats’ list of tracks continued to be colourful with its wide-range sounds and themes. People dared to be faithful to them and the Liverpool artists seem to be getting more confident about their results. “It’s gonna be a whirlwind adventure,” promised Dan with sparkling eyes. We also believe it will.