All roads will take you there. The Roadhouse is a venue set in Birmingham who has a little bit of everything, turning out to be a real audience pleaser. Live music is the biggest treat in the menu every night of the week.



Seven days, seven different ambiances, different sights and sounds, different styles, and mannerisms, can be found at The Roadhouse in Birmingham. Live music is definitely essential in the process of filling the space with an animated melting pot.

From tribute acts to signed and unsigned artists. No matter how unknown or renowned the live act is, above it all The Roadhouse believes in showing what talented musicians are capable of doing. Whether they play metal or rock, pop or jazz, folk or hardcore, blues or reggae, acoustic or funk… That doesn’t matter. Birmingham’s venue tends to look for a programme centred in newcomers and their inventive works.

Founded under the spirit of an informal idea of local friends and music addicts, The Roadhouse club quickly began to be seen as a great, surprising venue. The progression since 1998 was impossibly big. Humble steps in the beginning seemed to have led to the house of the holy artist. All this thanks to devotion, hard work, investment. Great equipment and facilities are a major support to any artist and Roadhouse has them both. In fact it is regarded as “one of the best live venues in the Midlands”.

The company is now managed by Zoe Hinks who integrated the Live Music Venues trade for very long. Hinks has worked in the Live Music Industry for more than 20 years. Besides being in the right hands, Roadhouse is blessed with virtuous acoustics and helped by prodigious PA plus lighting, it has capacity for about 250 people. “They are renowned for their intimate, relaxed and friendly ambience to rival even the established top venues, with more comfortable, interesting and visually appealing surroundings than almost anywhere else,” could be read in the Birmingham Fest website.