More than just a bar, The Magnet has many stories to tell when it comes to culture in all forms. For about 58 years the Liverpool’s venue has been dedicating its space to the citiy’s artists and their loyal admirers.


It is far more than a bar and a club. The Magnet has been carving a respectful path in Liverpool’s cultural history. It has been regarded as a secret and precious diamond from the city and it is right there in one of Liverpool’s most famous Georgian buildings, since 1958.

There seems to be no way to forget the notable role The Magnet has had as a musical history engine. The street level bar used to be called “Rumblin’ Tum” while the basement was known as “Sink Club”. This was one of the first Liverpool’s black music venues. And, truth be told, the iconic bar has remained deeply faithful to its past and honours it every single day by contributing to the city’s rich live music scene.

An impossible list of distinctions has constantly preceded the British space. Having been considered the Best Bar in Liverpool in 2008 by daily newspaper The Guardian and recommended by pretty much every guide that follows this city’s nightlife, The Magnet appears to be the home of relaxing times listening to styles like disco, jazz, hip hop, soul funk and rare groovy beats.

Its closure’s threat scared a few followers of the bar’s magnetic waves, but on April 17th it opened again. Nowadays, alongside the nightclub facet, The Magnet presents a series of new artists ready to entertain a dynamic and committed audience.

Live bands continue to be part of most Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. Musical heritage, regular acts and the passion for discovering brand new talents have been trademarks of The Magnet up until now. And they seem to be more than good reasons to maintain the spirit of the bar’s way up high.