Lively, powerful, hypnotizing – they’re The Jackobins. This quintet has just released their self-produced first EP and is already making fuss all over Liverpool’s music scene.


“We’re just five lads from Liverpool, who love to fuse different genres of music and create tracks with a raw edge and some balls, as well as some more psychedelic, melodic and alternative stuff,” they answered in an interview to the Luminous Plectrum website.

The Liverpudlian ensemble, trying to convey their listeners into a rather crude yet rhythmic compendium of songs, is integrated by Dominic Bassnett (vocals), Veso (guitar), John Whittingham (keys), Chris Marriott (bass) and Marc Terry (drums).

Unsigned but with all the attentions from Liverpool music fans turned to them, The Jackobins quintet have just launched their first EP. Quickly it made a big impact in the city’s most loyal observers of cultural matters. They display tons of style, unlimited energy and emotions running high.

Love Music Magazine attempted to describe the sensation of hearing The Jackobins first discography steps: “Free, full of life, capturing, entwining itself to a lull the brain into a grooving, swaying reverie.” High speeds, massive thrills are provoked by the five musicians whose genre identifies the most with the alternative, psycho and indie rock waves.

They’ve just released their first self-titled and produced EP. About to consolidate as one of the most surprising acts recently emerged in the rock Liverpool scene, The Jackobins are influenced by legendary names like: Jimi Hendrix, Nick Drake, David Bowie, The Doors, Queen, Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac, just to name a few.

What follows? The five-piece is preparing their first large tour this summer, in a way of showing what they’re all about performing live. The truth is the studio version of The Jackobins came to be very appreciated and walked half the way into convincing Liverpool of their talent. The first single has left big impressions and even higher expectations of what they’re doing next. “Take ‘Prussia’, the track they’re using to launch themselves. It’s massive; a gargantuan behemoth of deep and powerful vocals, guitars that sound as though they’ve been living on a diet of protein shakes and LSD, and a rock-solid rhythm section that adds a smooth fluidity to the track. It’s music like this that has the power to change the vibrational pattern of your mind body and soul,” praised The Sound Of Confusion blog.