Cold Crows Dead

Their debut album was out last year. “I Fear A New World” is the name of Cold Crows Dead’s first work and, having been released via Raygun Records, it was immediately followed by a UK non-stop tour that has started to show a bit of Murray Macleod and Paul Steel’s prodigious and daring minds.

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Natalie McCool

English singer, songwriter and guitarist Natalie McCool was discovered after winning the Yamaha national songwriting competition “Make It Break It”. She was also the winner of Female Artist of the Year at the Liverpool Music Awards. This unsigned musician is endowed with a singular voice that has been object of attention of many music reviewers and appreciators.

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Robert Vincent

Folk, rock and country are back together. The good news is brought by a messenger called Robert Vincent. He is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool determined to make the music he really enjoys. Until today he has succeeded at being honest with his audience and lives by the words “Sing what you mean – and sing it like you mean it”.

Nancy Elizabeth

Manchester-based Nancy Elizabeth Cunliffe is a folk musician with a real, deep understanding of how to put emotions in words and music notes. She has been releasing her work through The Leaf Label and plays with all kinds of instruments since she can remember.

The Sunflower Lounge

Self – declared as a meeting place of vagabonds and rockstars, one of Birmingham’s treasures is an independent bar called The Sunflower Lounge. At this special and hidden corner of the city you might find a different singer and songwriter any given day.

Zara McFarlane

She has been named one the most outstanding jazz discoveries in years. It hasn’t passed much time since the release of Zara McFarlane’s first album and the singer has already accomplished critical acclaim unlike anyone who recently made his/her way into that universe.


Lizzyspit is an artist from London going global. Thanks to digital platforms’ strategies, the singer has revealed a number of notable skills and became one of those special social phenomena. Her deep and emotional style has definitely rendered her the title of the next big music hit.

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Perera Elsewhere

Perera Elsewhere is a singer-songwriter signed by Friends of Friends, said to be the label’s most amazing addition yet. In her solo debut record “Everlast”, the London-born and Berlin-based artist takes her listeners on a journey through the world’s most striking vestiges.

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Clementine Douglas

She is one of those exhilarating and gifted new voices you don’t have the privilege to hear very often in the music industry. Clementine Douglas is the name of a young singer and songwriter who is striving to show how grand her vocal and lyricist’s skills can be.   VIDEO One of those fabulous new catches is hidden [...]

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