The Roadhouse Birmingham

All roads will take you there. The Roadhouse is a venue set in Birmingham who has a little bit of everything, turning out to be a real audience pleaser. Live music is the biggest treat in the menu every night of the week.

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Bitter Ruin

The band name seems far from the projections of the future about them. Bitter Ruin is a duo integrated by Georgia Train and Ben Richards who have been walking towards a series of accomplishments. They depend on absolutely no one other than themselves and their listeners.

Robert Vincent

Folk, rock and country are back together. The good news is brought by a messenger called Robert Vincent. He is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool determined to make the music he really enjoys. Until today he has succeeded at being honest with his audience and lives by the words “Sing what you mean – and sing it like you mean it”.

Broken Witt Rebels

The power of classic rock is latent in Broken Witt Rebels’ music. James, Danny, Luke and Anthony are four firestarters from Birmingham that decided to entice with the fusion between the corrosion effect of rock n’ roll and the smoothest side of the blues.

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The Cockpit

The Cockpit has paved its position as one of the more significant venues in Leeds. Alternative bands are the focus of the space but it constantly tries to respond to each and every music addict. That principle has pleased the house’s habitués, who rarely make less than a fervent house to receive their stage commandants.

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The Shed Spiders

You will feel originality, identity and attitude while listening to them. What you see is what you get. The Shed Spiders is the name of a new group from Wirral, North West England, trying to achieve their goals based on their talent, only. No imitations.

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Dirty Thrills

Dirty Thrills have been discovered and soon labelled as one of the most exciting rock ‘n’ roll groups recently joint to the UK music prospect. Lead by Moody Blues’ son, the newcomers came out of the box in 2012, showing the most savage, sensuous and crude side of old school blues is still hip.

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Alex Lipinski

Following the example of his idols and huge stars John Lennon and Bob Dylan, Alex Lipinski has amazed many listeners with such a memorable voice. His approach on music has conquered several fans and the British artist has dedicated himself to an agenda full of gigs across the UK.

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Ashley Sofia

Recently considered one important figure associated with the future of folk rock, young artist Ashley Sofia is a breeze of fresh air in the Adirondacks’ sky. The American artist has been playing music since early age and keeps on learning and showing her many, many talents.

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Electric Ballroom

A notable live music venue goes by the name of Electric Ballroom. Host of many memorable rock concerts it is located in the heart of Camden and has served its visitors for more than 70 years with a wide variety of top performers.

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