The Jackobins

Lively, powerful, hypnotizing - they’re The Jackobins. This quintet has just released their self-produced first EP and is already making fuss all over Liverpool’s music scene.


A new band has exploded into the Portuguese music scene bringing the psychedelic rock wave back to life. dreamweapon is a quartet from Porto that have recently released its eponymous EP. The four band members must be as excited as ever because their insanely trippy sounds are paying off and about to be displayed at the Berlin Psych Fest.

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Wolf People

A time travelling machine called Wolf People is paying a sort of tribute to the retro blues and psychedelic sounds. This year, the British band released their third LP, “Fain”, impregnated with their unmistakable cosmic and groovy touch.   VIDEO Wolf People was a Jack Sharp singer and guitarist’s idea that started [...]

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