The Roadhouse Birmingham

All roads will take you there. The Roadhouse is a venue set in Birmingham who has a little bit of everything, turning out to be a real audience pleaser. Live music is the biggest treat in the menu every night of the week.

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The Shed Spiders

You will feel originality, identity and attitude while listening to them. What you see is what you get. The Shed Spiders is the name of a new group from Wirral, North West England, trying to achieve their goals based on their talent, only. No imitations.

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Elephant is a duo comprised of Amelia Rivas and Christian Pinchbeck. Rivas has described their work as “an accident that actually turned out pretty well”. This accident’s success formula resides in Amelia’s delicate vocals surrounded by poignant minor details in their songs’ melodies.

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Many are those who are already under the Fiction’s spell. The London-based quintet seems to have resuscitated a little bit of the endearing 80’s back into their songs. “The Big Other” is the first album of some kind of “perfect anarchic pop” as it has been described.

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:papercutz is an electronic pop music band lead by Portuguese composer Bruno Miguel who associates with other musicians in order to create a massive and ear-splitting force of nature. Their dedication to produce something almost mystic and an overwhelming stage attitude has left world-acclaimed media in awe.

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The Machine Room

The Machine Room is an Edinburgh-based band whose songs will transcend you and perhaps even create a haunting feeling. Intrigued enough? Find out more about the quintet which is one of the latest worth mentioning revelations of the Scottish music scene.   VIDEO The Machine Room is composed of Adie, Cecilia, John, R [...]

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The Glitches’ hype has been spreading all over the UK. The latest engine causing all the excitement is their new video “RGB”. The indie pop band comes from London and its organic imperial grooves – as they call it - will get to you and you probably won’t even notice until the group’s bittersweet symphonies work their magic through your ears and bra [...]

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Yahoo! Wireless Festival

Every Summer Yahoo! Wireless Festival highlights the key pop, dance, urban and R&B music acts. In 2013, all expectations were exceeded and a great amount of people attended the event moved from the Hyde Park to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.   VIDEO The Yahoo! Wireless Festival, organised and manag [...]

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Veronica Falls

“Waiting for Something to Happen” displays Veronica Falls’ sunnier attitude, even though the chilly voices will continue to haunt you. The indie-pop band has also released a new track called “Nobody There”, a special treat that will be showcased in their upcoming tour. Roxanne Clifford, Patrick Doyle, Marion Herbain and James Hoare, unleashed “Wait [...]

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At 23 years old, Emmy Curl has what creative minds of all ages aspire to: a universe of her own, perfectly drawn and filled with sound and image. The singer and songwriter from the Northern region of Portugal, born in the city of Vila Real as Catarina Miranda, released her third EP, “Origins”. The track "Song of Origin" serves as the first single f [...]

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