A London-based four-piece is playing a new kind of folk: we could call it folk gone bad. Cece Wyldeck (lead vocals and guitar), Dom Cheung (lead guitar), Jacob Hollebon (bass), David Churchyard (drums) comprise the Wyldeck, a group that decided to transform all preconceived notions of the music genre with its obscure layers.

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The Savage Nomads

The Savage Nomads is the name of a new indie rock band from Brighton. The South London-based quintet gave their first shows with The Clash Mick Jones, who highly recommends them and assures they are prepared to “rock the whole world.”


His portrait is painted red-blooded hot, erotic, uncensored. Simultaneously, his attitude gets to be very candid, aspiring to do something magnanimous and risky as offering a different contribution to Portuguese soul music. Meet Ghetthoven.

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Zoo Kid

In South East London was planted a new seed. Zoo Kid was a Brit School student and turned out to be a music revelation which is everything but standard. His creative approach is bizarre, dark and a real delight to the ears.

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Sinitus Tempo

Sinitus Tempo set a goal for himself: to master the art of reinventing classics. How? The North American musician developed a personal, intriguing music style of his own. While growing up, Sinitus listened to the greatest names of hip-hop and soul, and felt encouraged to build original approaches, most of them grounded on the manipulation of old tunes’ pitch. He found his trademark in a blend of hip hop, downtempo, trip hop, electronic and jazz.

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