Ramsbottom Festival

Founded in 2011, Manchester’s Ramsbottom Festival takes a whole collection of notable and diverse international artists, emerging new acts and enthusiastic DJ sets to fulfil the Lancashire hills’ spectators.

Antwerp Mansion

A clash between a long lost Victorian building and a full loaded art extravaganza takes place in Manchester. Antwerp Mansion has been the target of evolution. The place is resuscitating into a venue with a touch of difference and trendiness.

Matt and Phred’s

Manchester still is the epicentre of many exciting updates from the British music scene. One of the settings to be explored, and which has accomplished recent recognizement, is Matt & Phred’s. The music venue is one of those clubs truly committed with promoting live jazz performances.

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Nancy Elizabeth

Manchester-based Nancy Elizabeth Cunliffe is a folk musician with a real, deep understanding of how to put emotions in words and music notes. She has been releasing her work through The Leaf Label and plays with all kinds of instruments since she can remember.


FutureEverything is an award-winning festival that focuses on a debate about digital matters. If you think this is an event concentrated on several conferences related with technology you are right. What you might not know is that it also offers the opportunity for its attendees to watch skilled artists and musicians’ performances.

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Bernard + Edith

Straight from the heart of Manchester backstreets emerges a combination of talents creating obscure tunes of rather strong and superb taste. Bernard + Edith duo has bet all cards on playing disturbing and hypnotic trip hop melodies associated with strange, sinister lyrics.

Puppet Rebellion

Puppet Rebellion have had a meteoric rise but that doesn’t mean they don’t aspire to higher flights. The quintet is a hard-working new Manchester-based band that has gained many followers seduced by their competence shown on both songs’ composition and lyrics.

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