12 Bar Club

Located in Denmark Street, close to Soho, the 12 Bar club is a gathering place for London’s admirers of all sorts of music. Punk, garage, rock, folk, country, rockabilly and many more cultures are welcome at this unpretentious and thrilling music venue.

Carousels & Limousines

Their inspiration is taken from the rock n’ roll classics. Carousels & Limousines is the name of a new band from Bath, South West England, looking to shape songs into pieces of art that never lose value over time.

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The Savage Nomads

The Savage Nomads is the name of a new indie rock band from Brighton. The South London-based quintet gave their first shows with The Clash Mick Jones, who highly recommends them and assures they are prepared to “rock the whole world.”

The Underworld Camden

The Underworld can be found in Camden Town, London. The venue is known for being the home of the alternative music scene. Rock gigs are a must-see of the pub as well as its retro nights and up and coming artists’ live acts.


Their songs can be compared to triggers and the lyrics might as well be the ultimate precious bullets. Put your hands behind your head. They are Novella, a London-based band whose charm resides in their rebellious attitude. The neo-psychedelic women realised the power of music and decided to use it as a way of expression.

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Zoo Kid

In South East London was planted a new seed. Zoo Kid was a Brit School student and turned out to be a music revelation which is everything but standard. His creative approach is bizarre, dark and a real delight to the ears.

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Perera Elsewhere

Perera Elsewhere is a singer-songwriter signed by Friends of Friends, said to be the label’s most amazing addition yet. In her solo debut record “Everlast”, the London-born and Berlin-based artist takes her listeners on a journey through the world’s most striking vestiges.

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The Square

The Square is still firmly supportive of the Essex live music scene after more than 30 years of existence. In 2008 the venue’s command was taken over by SquareOne Entertainment LLP, a group of local musicians and former staff from the original place that decided to carry on with the same music diversity they accustomed their visitors.

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Annie and Georgie sisters are the Hockeysmith. The dark and vibrating new duo from Cornwall emerged last Summer with their debut single “Now I Want To” full of eccentricity and echoing rhythmic sound.

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Lexy and the Kill

Young and gifted with a harmonious, intoxicating and strong voice, Lexy surrounded herself with four musicians’ technic skills to start a band. The media are starting to believe Lexy and the Kill’s triumph is not far from sight. The reason? A real commitment into creating something new based on inspiring references from the world of music.

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