Continuous evolution, the evocation of paradox feelings and intense orchestration are the engines guiding the West London band Famy on the way to triumph.

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Shy Nature

William Blackaby (vocals, guitar), Philip Havard (guitar), Matthew Paisley (drums), Gary Saloman (keyboard) are the official band members of North London’s Shy Nature. Formed in the beginning of 2013, the alternative group released the debut EP later that year only to discover a bit of the sweet taste of the spotlight.

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Zara McFarlane

She has been named one the most outstanding jazz discoveries in years. It hasn’t passed much time since the release of Zara McFarlane’s first album and the singer has already accomplished critical acclaim unlike anyone who recently made his/her way into that universe.


Elephant is a duo comprised of Amelia Rivas and Christian Pinchbeck. Rivas has described their work as “an accident that actually turned out pretty well”. This accident’s success formula resides in Amelia’s delicate vocals surrounded by poignant minor details in their songs’ melodies.

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Polar Bear

Polar Bear is an experimental jazz group trying to merge as much harmonious genres in one as possible. Distinguished with the “Best Band” award, at BBC Jazz Award 2004, many other accolades followed for the British collective. Polar Bear embraced the marriage of different worlds of music and it seems they have created a new melodic hybrid.

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TwickFolk is an acoustic music club located in Twickenham, South West London. Founded in 1983, it is now one of the most respected folk venues in the area. Besides its varied programme, TwickFolk is an organisation run by a group of volunteers and assumes a non-profit identity.

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Kings Place

Offering a broad programme of jazz, spoken word, classical, folk and contemporary music, among many other artistic displays, Kings Place has been there in all the right moments and has created a few great opportunities in the business. After all this time, it keeps showing other venues how it’s done.

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LIFEM – London International Festival of Exploratory Music

This festival is out of this world. It resulted from a bold and creative idea. LIFEM tries hard to break all kinds of barriers. Its inaugural year was 2009 and the music event has already proven it is one of the most challenging happenings of the moment.

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Lizzyspit is an artist from London going global. Thanks to digital platforms’ strategies, the singer has revealed a number of notable skills and became one of those special social phenomena. Her deep and emotional style has definitely rendered her the title of the next big music hit.

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Electric Ballroom

A notable live music venue goes by the name of Electric Ballroom. Host of many memorable rock concerts it is located in the heart of Camden and has served its visitors for more than 70 years with a wide variety of top performers.

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