Based in London, the musician behind the name of Clarence Clarity has a new approach on funky music. He reminds his listeners of 1970s and 80s crazy era. Back then the sounds were smooth and groovy and that’s what Clarence Clarity seems to be ressuscitating in a very refreshing way.

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The Wombats

For The Wombats everything changed from the minute they have released the inaugural album “Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation”. Brought to platinum, the Liverpudlian trio’s introduction work was seen as an impressive piece full of humour, talented vocal and instrumental harmony.

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Robert Vincent

Folk, rock and country are back together. The good news is brought by a messenger called Robert Vincent. He is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool determined to make the music he really enjoys. Until today he has succeeded at being honest with his audience and lives by the words “Sing what you mean – and sing it like you mean it”.

The Jackobins

Lively, powerful, hypnotizing - they’re The Jackobins. This quintet has just released their self-produced first EP and is already making fuss all over Liverpool’s music scene.


In 2012 Belfast-born siblings Thom and Lucy formed Southern. This Liverpool-based group’s eponymous EP has had a bombastic reception and the tunes that followed have made the point even clearer: they’re here to stay and not about to get ignored by the big figures in the showbiz.

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The Magnet

More than just a bar, The Magnet has many stories to tell when it comes to culture in all forms. For about 58 years the Liverpool’s venue has been dedicating its space to the citiy’s artists and their loyal admirers.

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Liverpool’s new band Veyu aspires to take the listeners on a strong emotional ride. For that, they create well-served mournful, intimate and dense songs covered in harmony and sensibility.

The Tea Street Band

Liverpool’s The Tea Street Band will hold you captive with a sound that is simultaneously uplifting and introspective. They are prepared to release their debut album which will keep their audiences high above and take them on an insane journey to escape lethal routine.   VIDEO Their sound is described as a blend be [...]

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