Smoke Fairies

They started building a reputation through their impressive live concerts, arresting harmonies and skilled tricks in guitar playing. Now the Smoke Fairies return with an updated sound. Their new eponymous album leaves us in such an immersive state of mind it might as well be the best they’ve done yet.

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Pixel Fix

Pixel Fix are a four-piece group based in Oxfordshire. Marcus (vocals, guitar), Clem (lead guitar), Rob (drums) and Jarred (bass) incorporate the gang whose sound is essentially marked by guitars and dashes of electronic music.

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In 2012 Belfast-born siblings Thom and Lucy formed Southern. This Liverpool-based group’s eponymous EP has had a bombastic reception and the tunes that followed have made the point even clearer: they’re here to stay and not about to get ignored by the big figures in the showbiz.

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