In The Woods Festival

In The Woods is an annual independent festival whose main objective is to promote the constant discovery of anonymous and gifted artists. Set in a Kent forest, the event created in 2005 has already been distinguished with the accolade of Best Independent Festival at 2013 AIM Awards.

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In Hampshire, takes place the Blissfields Festival, a weekend made of interesting and new music acts. Throughout its history, the event has shown its devotion to the crowds and, every year, proves to know damn well how to throw a big party.

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Larmer Tree Festival

From 16 to 20th July, North Dorset’s locals and visitors gladly greet the Larmer Tree Festival. This event is considered one of the most amusing and worthy moments of the year in the South. Its agenda is yearly filled with numerous gigs, workshops, intensive theatre courses, among many other inspiring learning activities.

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Garsington Opera

A Summer opera festival is a real success during one month. Garsington Opera takes place in Wormsley’s outstanding Opera Pavilion and usually displays three productions per year. 2014 will receive “Fidelio” by Beethoven, “Vert-Vert” by Offenbach and “The Cunning Little Vixen” by Janacek.


FutureEverything is an award-winning festival that focuses on a debate about digital matters. If you think this is an event concentrated on several conferences related with technology you are right. What you might not know is that it also offers the opportunity for its attendees to watch skilled artists and musicians’ performances.

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LIFEM – London International Festival of Exploratory Music

This festival is out of this world. It resulted from a bold and creative idea. LIFEM tries hard to break all kinds of barriers. Its inaugural year was 2009 and the music event has already proven it is one of the most challenging happenings of the moment.

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Founded in 2008 and on activity until this very moment, Redfest is an independent festival that has made a name for supporting upcoming new artists. 2014 is said to be the biggest year this event has ever had.

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Lake District Summer Music

Since 1985 LDSM promotes classical music as a way of inspiring and changing lives. Located in Cumbria, a beautiful place of rich cultural history, the festival values locals and visitors who venerate arts and offers them a series of educational and entertaining programmes, mostly secured by musicians and ensembles.

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Based in Oxfordshire, BunkFest combines the finest folk artists’ line-up with numerous dance displays, boat trips and a charming local steam railway.

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Edinburgh International Harp Festival

Year by year The Clarshach Society runs Edinburgh International Harp Festival and tries to push their limits a little further surpassing a certain number of obstacles and managing to collect new victories. As usual, the gathering’s upcoming edition will involve serious talented harpists from across the globe and learning courses with actual music wizards.

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