Brudenell Social Club

The Brudenell Social Club assumes the role of fuel keeping the music flame alive in the business. Actually Brudenell’s motto is to have all its doors wide open for improvisation, gigs, networking and social interaction. Countless art displays take place at the Leeds’ venue as well as one of the most captivating features they hold: the secret concerts.

Matt and Phred’s

Manchester still is the epicentre of many exciting updates from the British music scene. One of the settings to be explored, and which has accomplished recent recognizement, is Matt & Phred’s. The music venue is one of those clubs truly committed with promoting live jazz performances.

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The Yardbird Jazz Club

Moved by the passion for jazz, The Yardbird has been promoting the genre since 2007. Birmingham’s club was built on the basis of this musical style’s world representations.

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The Magnet

More than just a bar, The Magnet has many stories to tell when it comes to culture in all forms. For about 58 years the Liverpool’s venue has been dedicating its space to the citiy’s artists and their loyal admirers.

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TwickFolk is an acoustic music club located in Twickenham, South West London. Founded in 1983, it is now one of the most respected folk venues in the area. Besides its varied programme, TwickFolk is an organisation run by a group of volunteers and assumes a non-profit identity.

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12 Bar Club

Located in Denmark Street, close to Soho, the 12 Bar club is a gathering place for London’s admirers of all sorts of music. Punk, garage, rock, folk, country, rockabilly and many more cultures are welcome at this unpretentious and thrilling music venue.

The Borderline

A subterranean Soho music venue has achieved a truly impressive reputation. In order to surprise its visitors, an intimate bar called The Borderline has maintained, since its inception and until today, a thrilling agenda offering numerous music events and club nights.

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The Square

The Square is still firmly supportive of the Essex live music scene after more than 30 years of existence. In 2008 the venue’s command was taken over by SquareOne Entertainment LLP, a group of local musicians and former staff from the original place that decided to carry on with the same music diversity they accustomed their visitors.

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