You won’t be able to label or put them under any kind of category. But you will like it. In spite of that indefinable nature, if they could be positioned into a shelf it would definitely be among the top British alternative music breakthroughs.

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Matt and Phred’s

Manchester still is the epicentre of many exciting updates from the British music scene. One of the settings to be explored, and which has accomplished recent recognizement, is Matt & Phred’s. The music venue is one of those clubs truly committed with promoting live jazz performances.

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Ben Romans Hopcraft, Leo Dobsen, Daniel Salamons and Jonny Williams comprise the Childhood gang. These Londoners have recently released their debut album titled “Lacuna”. According to The Guardian they might be on to something: and it’s just “what the world is waiting for”.

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Garforth Arts Festival

Garforth Arts Festival takes music, dance, visual arts and a lot of other cultural expressions to Leeds. The annual event was founded in 2005 and each summer it brings a new diversity of national and international artists to the British town as well as a series of projects involving social awareness initiatives.

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Polar Bear

Polar Bear is an experimental jazz group trying to merge as much harmonious genres in one as possible. Distinguished with the “Best Band” award, at BBC Jazz Award 2004, many other accolades followed for the British collective. Polar Bear embraced the marriage of different worlds of music and it seems they have created a new melodic hybrid.

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Alex Lipinski

Following the example of his idols and huge stars John Lennon and Bob Dylan, Alex Lipinski has amazed many listeners with such a memorable voice. His approach on music has conquered several fans and the British artist has dedicated himself to an agenda full of gigs across the UK.

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Alleycat is an old school live music venue located on Denmark Street, London’s historic Tin Pan Alley, notable for its connections with the British popular music. The basement bar is open since 2011 and sets itself apart from the other city clubs due to the retro vibe it emanates.

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Six By Seven

Six By Seven seems to be very much alive and kicking and with quite an inspirational fury. The Nottingham-based group has suffered mountains of changes since its conception but has returned to show nothing can stop them.   VIDEO   “Try something wild,” suggests the group on its facebook page. It is indeed a wi [...]

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Mélanie Pain

Nouvelle Vague’s singer Mélanie Pain has a distinctive naughty yet nice style which has won her a substantial legion of fans. Her solo work comprised of retro pop easy-listening songs and her characteristic live performances have also contributed to transform her into one of British and French audiences’ biggest sweetheart.   VIDEO http://yout [...]

Ruen Brothers

Two brothers from Lincolnshire, England, are smitten with the rockabilly wave. Under the name of Ruen Brothers, these British musicians decided to unite abilities into refreshing the golden era of rock n’ roll and it seems they have been pretty efficacious sounding retro and innovative at the same time.   VIDEO Ins [...]



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