The Roadhouse Birmingham

All roads will take you there. The Roadhouse is a venue set in Birmingham who has a little bit of everything, turning out to be a real audience pleaser. Live music is the biggest treat in the menu every night of the week.

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Matt and Phred’s

Manchester still is the epicentre of many exciting updates from the British music scene. One of the settings to be explored, and which has accomplished recent recognizement, is Matt & Phred’s. The music venue is one of those clubs truly committed with promoting live jazz performances.

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Broken Witt Rebels

The power of classic rock is latent in Broken Witt Rebels’ music. James, Danny, Luke and Anthony are four firestarters from Birmingham that decided to entice with the fusion between the corrosion effect of rock n’ roll and the smoothest side of the blues.

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Mourning Birds

A fiery musical combination built on pinches of noise, blues and alternative, is one of the so-called subjects of the day in the UK scene. Mourning Birds’ garage rockers came from Kent, South East England, to impress the attentive followers of UK culture trends.

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Festival de Blues do Porto @ HotFive Jazz & Blues Club

Last year the Hot Five Jazz & Blues Club launched a brand new music event. The second edition of Porto Blues Festival takes place in February and March. Stay tuned for several performances taking over every Saturday at one of the most iconic blues pubs.

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A new group formed in Aveiro will stimulate every badass bone in your body. “At La Brava – Volume Two Of Red Desert Saga” is Souq’s debut album and is based on a hard-hitting blend of rock, psychedelia, blues and jazz.   VIDEO   “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used agains [...]

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The Stamp Collective

The Stamp Collective, a group of young musicians who create a blend of diverse music styles and approaches, come from the heart of London. Their work reflects a core love for folk music, whose songs are made of danceable blues, funk and rock rhythms.   VIDEO An incredibly vibrant folk fusion is the backbone of The [...]

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Bibelots formed out of a desire of bringing together elements of 90’s indie, dance music and blues. The British quintet is certainly not afraid to experiment, they owned London’s musical scene but aspire more.   VIDEO Ben Richardson (vocals, guitar), Neil Athey (guitar), Gaz Evans (bass), Tim Fielding (drums) and B [...]

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