You won’t be able to label or put them under any kind of category. But you will like it. In spite of that indefinable nature, if they could be positioned into a shelf it would definitely be among the top British alternative music breakthroughs.

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Camden Barfly

Camden is always one of the greatest epicentres of upcoming musical breeds. The affluence of new talents is a constant in this city and one of the promoters of this diversity range is Barfly. The venue has a tradition for showcasing a few of the best alternative bands.

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Shy Nature

William Blackaby (vocals, guitar), Philip Havard (guitar), Matthew Paisley (drums), Gary Saloman (keyboard) are the official band members of North London’s Shy Nature. Formed in the beginning of 2013, the alternative group released the debut EP later that year only to discover a bit of the sweet taste of the spotlight.

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The Cockpit

The Cockpit has paved its position as one of the more significant venues in Leeds. Alternative bands are the focus of the space but it constantly tries to respond to each and every music addict. That principle has pleased the house’s habitués, who rarely make less than a fervent house to receive their stage commandants.

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The Jackobins

Lively, powerful, hypnotizing - they’re The Jackobins. This quintet has just released their self-produced first EP and is already making fuss all over Liverpool’s music scene.

The Shed Spiders

You will feel originality, identity and attitude while listening to them. What you see is what you get. The Shed Spiders is the name of a new group from Wirral, North West England, trying to achieve their goals based on their talent, only. No imitations.

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Elephant is a duo comprised of Amelia Rivas and Christian Pinchbeck. Rivas has described their work as “an accident that actually turned out pretty well”. This accident’s success formula resides in Amelia’s delicate vocals surrounded by poignant minor details in their songs’ melodies.

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Held over the August Bank Holiday weekend at Bradford, Infest is one of the top alternative electro music in the UK. The annual three-day event features each and every sub-genre including industrial, synthop, power noise, futurepop and EBM. Artists like Juno Reactor, Project Pitchfork and Acucrack will be a few of 2014 highlights.

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The Underworld Camden

The Underworld can be found in Camden Town, London. The venue is known for being the home of the alternative music scene. Rock gigs are a must-see of the pub as well as its retro nights and up and coming artists’ live acts.

Mourning Birds

A fiery musical combination built on pinches of noise, blues and alternative, is one of the so-called subjects of the day in the UK scene. Mourning Birds’ garage rockers came from Kent, South East England, to impress the attentive followers of UK culture trends.

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