In 2012 Belfast-born siblings Thom and Lucy formed Southern. This Liverpool-based group’s eponymous EP has had a bombastic reception and the tunes that followed have made the point even clearer: they’re here to stay and not about to get ignored by the big figures in the showbiz.


Southern started as a concept idealised by a brother-sister act. Irish siblings Tom and Lucy Southern both do guitar and vocals and started to play a sort of folk music with touches of the blues’ tradition. To them and their wicked sound and tricky, playful notes later joined drummer Eoghan Clifford.

The Liverpool-based band is now under representation of Marathon Artists’ record label. Their debut EP called “World Don’t Shine” has started to sketch a winning path that lead until today’s hot fuss about them. Their sound has even been compared to the popular White Stripes.

About the single from the first EP, all The Sound Of Confusion had were frank and heartfelt compliments: “It’s impressive knowing that Southern produced this track as well, as it’s immaculately done, avoiding the pitfalls of over-production or forcing a sound. ‘World Don’t Shine’ sounds perfectly natural. It sounds like it was the music they were always meant to make.” BBC Radio Ulster’s Gerry Anderson seems to agree and has called them nothing more nothing less than “the most promising singer/songwriters in Ireland today.”

The Northern Irish blues act have felt since the beginning they were made for bigger things, the so-longed big time success many dream of. “I always knew that I had something,” reportedly said Thom Southern and added: “I always felt I could climb the ladder and get to the top.”

Well, the ladder is about to get longer for this group. It’s a long way till the top, but one thing’s certain: these brothers have walked it firmly until now and seem to have unlocked the door for a lot of good things to come.