Folk, rock and country are back together. The good news is brought by a messenger called Robert Vincent. He is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool determined to make the music he really enjoys. Until today he has succeeded at being honest with his audience and lives by the words “Sing what you mean – and sing it like you mean it”.


He grew up listening to legendary names like Johnny Cash, The Beatles and Pink Floyd. By the time he was only five years old, Robert Vincent knew for sure that he had to become a musician. Soon Robert’s desire transformed into a strong conviction and he started to give little baby steps in that direction.

From that moment on, Robert Vincent lived through the usual up and highs like almost everyone who decides to pursue that career. But if there’s something the Liverpool-born musician has learned is that he only wins by doing what he likes the most. “I’ve done the whole thing of trying to be what people want me to be and in the end I just thought I’ve had enough of this. The more honest I am the better people like it,” he said adamantly.

The result of his decision about making the kind of music he enjoys couldn’t have been better. Established since 2002, Robert Vincent has shown he’s capable of moving mountains with his taste and skills only. He hasn’t bent even for a little. He has been clear about not being a subedit of popular music tendencies. And it looks like this attitude is working for him.

Q Magazine’s editor Andrew Harison has defined him as “the scouse Springsteen”. In fact, his songs are inspired by several music genres and eras, like Americana, country music bands and 70’s English artists. He takes all his inspirational figures and drinks a little bit of their lyrical structures and instrumental ideas. It really doesn’t seem to bother Robert that he’s the target of a few comparisons with fellow colleagues.

His debut album “Life In Easy Steps” shows that the Liverpool musician is keen on interpreting and exploring the styles he likes. He is definitely not worried about the consuming pressure of the media and listeners who want to hear something different and innovative all the time. That hasn’t stained his picture, on the contrary. Throughout 2012, the singer has toured extensively and has also released a series of singles and EPs. He’s focused, working hard and doing what he loves. Who can blame him?