English singer, songwriter and guitarist Natalie McCool was discovered after winning the Yamaha national songwriting competition “Make It Break It”. She was also the winner of Female Artist of the Year at the Liverpool Music Awards. This unsigned musician is endowed with a singular voice that has been object of attention of many music reviewers and appreciators.



“McCool has that extra something that makes her a cut above even her most talented peers,” recommended Chris Hawkins from BBC Radio 6 Music. The British artist was born in Merseyside and grew up being inspired by the sounds of Jeff Buckley, Cocteau Twins, PJ Harvey and The Stone Roses. Soon she began playing guitar and, at the age of 14, McCool started to write songs.

Her style is harmonious; her repertoire is strongly inclined to the recent indie pop fever. Her vibrant and spirited vocals make her one of the coolest breeze in the UK music scene. The debut self-titled album was described by MVRemix as “delightfully impacting and eye opening (or ear opening) change from the superficial based tracks taking over the main stream”. The online music magazine added: “Enlightened with how the universe deals, Natalie McCool portrays that she likes to play with fire. She knows how it works. Lessons have been learned and there are more to learn. Listen to ‘On Fire’ and take in what it feels like to have all the important answers of life.”

Strong messages and catchy sounds are part of McCool’s appeal.  “Wind Blows Harder” was the latest single written and performed by the vocalist, on June 16th. The production and mix was done by David Berger, a Liverpool-based musician, and member of a band called Outfit.

Released via Young & Lost Club, the track has been qualified by The Line of Best Fit as something like an eminence of natural disaster: “McCool has a gorgeous Celtic quiver that in ‘Wind Blows Harder’ ripples over bright acoustic jangles and shuffled rhythms. As beats stab, guitar echoes spin and McCool’s voice bellows, the song slowly but surely becomes a quietly confident indie-pop anthem.”