Musicverb is the ideal platform for the live music industry’s management!


An impeccable system of endorsement that helps the events’ organisations to find the perfect artists for their projects. It’s a luxury assistant for artists and managers.

Musicverb is a platform of management and collaboration for artists, booking agencies and music events.

It’s the first recommendation system for live music, which leaves the promoters with the possibility of finding the ideal artists for their programmes, through the study of characteristics and requirements of their own music events.

On the other hand, it empowers musicians and managers, by finding the most adequate events to the music they want to do and promote, according to their goals and their careers’ moment.

From now on, every artist and their agents are allowed to have a smart profile. A profile instantaneously generated and updated by Musicverb with the best tools available on the Internet, with focus on concerts and interesting topics of evaluation, helpful items while choosing the best artists for an event. The platform counts about 500 thousand profiles in its network.

Assuming the identity of “a live music events’ platform”, and after a period of three months being explored by approximately two hundred users from all over the world, Musicverb is now available for everyone on


Founded in Portugal on UPTEC – Science and Technology Park of University of Porto, Musicverb takes an important step in the most promising area of the music business: live music events.