Manchester still is the epicentre of many exciting updates from the British music scene. One of the settings to be explored, and which has accomplished recent recognizement, is Matt & Phred’s. The music venue is one of those clubs truly committed with promoting live jazz performances.


1998 was the year that saw the birth of Matt and Phred’s. Located in Manchester, the jazz club has started its path on the right foot delivering great agendas filled with top artists integrated in the chosen genre. Currently, at the Matt & Phred’s the quality of the acts prevails above all. The club presents its visitors one live act per night, all six nights of the week.

Matt and Phred’s have hosted national and international artists from the universe of jazz, funk, blues and soul. Legends pave the road of this Manchester-based bar’s history.

Usually, on Monday nights Manchester’s club hosts jam sessions, which means there are open mic evenings for those who are curious to visit the space and display their potential stardom. The idea is to help city’s musicians to gather and produce interesting pieces.

“Matt and Phred’s it’s an understatedly sexy venue,” observed the website Manchester Confidential. The jazz club set in the North-West of England is described like the primary host of acclaimed acts. Last year, Wynton Marsalis, Lonnie Liston Smith and Kit Downes were a few of those who stepped the bar’s stage.

“It reflects Manchester’s long love affair with the rhythms, syncopations and joys of jazz from the Oasis club in the fifties and further back to today’s summer jamboree that is the Manchester Jazz Festival,” added Manchester Confidential. Atmospheric and bohemian, Matt and Phred’s provides a special refuge alongside the best jazz artists in the UK and abroad.