You won’t be able to label or put them under any kind of category. But you will like it. In spite of that indefinable nature, if they could be positioned into a shelf it would definitely be among the top British alternative music breakthroughs.



2005 saw the beginning of Kyshera, a project of alternative rock formed by James Kennedy (vocals/ guitar), Matt Warr (bass) and Glyn Bateman (drums). These musicians, whose hometown is Cardiff, were strongly influenced by many names. Under their inspirations the trio lists: Rage Against the Machine, Frank Zappa, Dave Brubeck, Jeff Buckley, Stravinsky and Nirvana.

Even though they absorb a lot of different musicians’ techniques and sounds, no one of them interferes with the kind of music that Kyshera make. As to the work they’ve done up until now “we describe it as ‘konic’, a term we invented to mean ‘anything that is otherwise indefinable’. We’ve never fitted into any existing cliques, so we invented our own. Plus the vagueness of it gives us freedom to do whatever we want, when we want.” “We have a konic manifesto as well where we encourage others to reject all forms of conformity and to celebrate the ‘alternative’,” they self-proclaimed on an interview.

The style cultivated by Kyshera is unquestionably related to a certain freedom of the sound but their notes could also be pretty related with a progressive wave. Yes, it is that kind of complex and interesting. Vibrant yet contemplative, insubordinate yet pleasant-sounding; their songs have a lot of facades anyone can delight just by listening to their particularities. Could they be exploring what’s their maximum potential? If they are, they surely have a series of talents’ caverns to excavate.

“Paradigm”, “Made In China” and “Know Your Enemy” are all band’s album titles. The latest release were received with praise and recognition for the whole bunch from South Wales. “After repeated listens it becomes clear what Kyshera have achieved here. It’s quite simply a glorious record,” stated Classic Rock Magazine.