Situated in Shoreditch, London, Hoxton Square is a live music venue, bar and restaurant, attracting a huge amount of different people every week. It is mostly known for being a gig and party bar scene like not many others around.


Live music venue Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen had enough room and passion to welcome bands like Naked and the Famous, Foals, The White Lies, Fleet Foxes and The Hives, among many more notable names.

Every day the sunken bar with its outdoor terrace welcomes a very diverse group of people. Said to be one of the best places to go to grab a drink and hang out in a cultural environment where you get to know a series of new bands or enjoy those names you don’t think you will see that soon, Hoxton Square is a trendy DJ bar, lounge bar, nightclub, or anything else you’re looking for.

“East London’s fashionable folk hang out in Hoxton and this bar is one of the few that’s abandoned weekly re-invention and is sticking to the winning formula of great live music and club nights,” said Visit London’s website.

With a 450 capacity room to see new and notable artists, the quirky east London venue offers an eclectic variety of performers in its programmes. Among the diverse pool of names a lot of British and American singer-songwriters have made the stage their home, especially after Mama & Company live music association took over its command.

In March 2013, Mama gave a new direction to Hoxton booking unknown and interesting new artists. Portland trio Blouse and experimental electro-pop Glasser fit in the category and were part of that new wave of musicians who were greeted with enthusiasm at the venue.