“We’re making music to satisfy our psychedelic urges”, they admit. The new Liverpudlian band Gulf has been inclined to risk everything on this psychedelic pop, all of it emerged in reverb and sorrow notes.

Mark Jones (lead vocals/synth/guitar), Femi Fadero (guitar/backing vocals), Thomas Murray (guitar/backing vocals), Joshua Gorman (drums) and Jake Brown (bass) are all part of the Gulf’s genesis.

The band members are not anxious to stardom, fame or any concept similar to that. They’re a bunch of musicians putting all of their efforts into passing by a message through a feeling of melancholia and melody.

Not at all fancy about exposing their pictures, the Gulf crew has chosen to let their songs speak for themselves. The five-piece has released a repertoire that gained them analogies with names like Tame Impala, Electronic and Wild Swans.

“Tell Me Again” was the second song launched by the quintet of musicians. After “The Emmiter”, this was a validation of their talent and it was recorded with Darren Jones, who previously worked with artists such as The Wombats, The Maccabees and Bill Ryder Jones.

Formed in Liverpool in 2014 the guys are being considered one of the latest highlights in the UK music scene thanks to their “groove-laden beats, snaking bass lines and the seeming inability to differentiate between established genres” which has, according to Silent Radio’s website, led them into a “melting pot of pop, psychedelia, disco and anything in between.”

“Being a five piece with three guitars, we find ourselves extensively exploring the arrangement and how different sounds complement each other,” they explain.