Continuous evolution, the evocation of paradox feelings and intense orchestration are the engines guiding the West London band Famy on the way to triumph.


Bruce Yates, Arthur Yates, Thomas Edwards, Luca Maria Galbiati are part of Famy, a West London-based folk rock band. “Cinematic drums and synoptically ricocheting guitars confidently lift (but never bury!) lush, anthemic, stadium-ready vocals to the heights of identity-assured arena pop (the good kind)”, described Line of Best Fit website.

Cinematic might be in fact the most appropriate word to qualify Famy’s aura. Their still small compendium of songs – which we can guess will be bigger and bigger as time passes – radiates one atmospheric, melodic and passionate feeling.

Introspective but vibrant, almost cavernous yet liberating; that’s how Famy first presented themselves to the UK audiences. Why are their songs so heterogeneous and complete? They’ve recently started playing together as a whole, but in the process there were major changes in Famy’s perception of music. They explore, discover, experiment, and risk it all. It is a continuous and contagious evolution while they get to contact with each band member’s inspirations and influences. “We started very acoustically. It was delicate. Tom was playing with brushes. I write so it started there for me but then when I took everything to these guys they have their own attitude and playing manor and personalities so it has changed into something completely different since then,” explained Yates.

Famy’s synergy was oriented to punk rock roots but on the way they’ve tried different aspects and nuances of music. Vocal harmonies and sweet, subtle notes from the guitars turned out to be this group’s expertise. “Our sound is kind of delicate and bold, and it’s honest and has guts,” defends the West London’s quartet.

They were defined as one of the hottest new acts in 2011. After that, they took the hint and dedicated to reflection and the expansion of their musical horizons. Wales was the destination (actually more like a refuge). Recorded in a working church, the new EP “Donkey” displays four new tracks that contain a mix of vibes, really intriguing and rich resonant paradoxes. Not so much of a paradox though, probably everyone can easily relate to its emotional oscillation. “Warm and earthy, theirs is a sound with a wholesome yet carefree spirit at its heart,” regarded Line Of Best Fit.