Their debut album was out last year. “I Fear A New World” is the name of Cold Crows Dead’s first work and, having been released via Raygun Records, it was immediately followed by a UK non-stop tour that has started to show a bit of Murray Macleod and Paul Steel’s prodigious and daring minds.



Murray Macleod and Paul Steel are responsible for the creation of Cold Crows Dead. Macleod was the lead singer of the Scottish gang called The Xcerts. Paul Steel is a very well-known producer and songwriter who has worked with knockout successes like Mika and Empire of the Sun. So this is a project that reunited two different but complementary artistic minds.

To the ultimate duo joined lyricist Stephen John Kalinich that always have invested his capacities and has put his heart and soul in both poetry and songwriting. Kalinich is best known for his work with the American rock band The Beach Boys, with whom the duet has been constantly compared with. And the Cold Crows Dead were born.

“I Fear A New World” is the title of this project’s first album. Time Out couldn’t help but notice the originality of the project. In spite of the uncertainty of some paths they risked walking on – creating an undefined music style of their own – the British magazine has been kind and praised these musicians’ audacity: “As a soloist Steel deftly adds a modern edge to Beach Boys-esque retro psychedelia, while McLeod favours spiky, grungy guitars. It makes sense, then, that on their debut LP as Cold Crows Dead they create a hybrid of these two very different sounds. It’s certainly original.”

This “yin-and-yang” attitude from the duo has really been the turning point in their careers. Their inaugural LP was seen as a bold comeback at the UK music industry. “It’s a dense record with an ambitious sonic palate, but its many glistening melodies allow you to sink right in,” highlighted Rock Sound TV.

Cold Crows Dead are still a strange egg for many but the music aficionados are about to crack it open and explore away. Do you want to be left out? See it for yourself.