Based in London, the musician behind the name of Clarence Clarity has a new approach on funky music. He reminds his listeners of 1970s and 80s crazy era. Back then the sounds were smooth and groovy and that’s what Clarence Clarity seems to be ressuscitating in a very refreshing way.



Clarence Clarity started by releasing “No Now”, a debut album filled with 30 samples of what his sound is all about. The Guardian called him “visionary”. Radio 1 has also regarded him as “part of the future”. Every review has recognized the artist as something innovative in both melodic and lyrical aspect.

Clarence agrees his aim is to create a different wave combination and he is trying really hard so that his music can matter and do something for what the world is now. “I intend to be the greatest artist of all-time, and not just because of my musical impact, but my societal impact as well, bolstering relations between nations,” he says.

The londoner is rad, groovy and original. A new sensation in the British music scene, Clarence Clarity is someone you could call a real messiah of funk nowadays. “The No Now is my bubble of clarity, the ongoing wow hovering in stasis, with the blinds down and the world a forgotten dream,” explained the musician.

The Line of Best Fit has described its sound such as “enigmatic, cynical, psycho-llectual, omniscient, shrouded orb of weird conjuring noises from the bowels of Beelzebub”. Enough to stirr up your curiosity?

Well, Clarence Clarity is certainly the mystery man. “It’s all smoke and mirrors Larry, wherever you look. Everyone’s wearing a mask, pulling a fast one, sleight of hand, are they not? But no, I have no intention of creating a (dare I say) clichéd and anonymous alter-ego. I’ve kept my personal details out of the picture for now, just while people are still being introduced to the music. I’d like the listener to paint their own picture of who they think Clarence Clarity is first,” he enlightened.

Clarence Clarity’s songs are a take on the present, on what aesthetics can do for music and on what music can do for society. Describing his repertoire in one word takes him to “now, now”. Don’t waste your time on yesterday and take a listen to this London-based breakthrough.