The Sunflower Lounge

Self – declared as a meeting place of vagabonds and rockstars, one of Birmingham’s treasures is an independent bar called The Sunflower Lounge. At this special and hidden corner of the city you might find a different singer and songwriter any given day.

The Cockpit

The Cockpit has paved its position as one of the more significant venues in Leeds. Alternative bands are the focus of the space but it constantly tries to respond to each and every music addict. That principle has pleased the house’s habitués, who rarely make less than a fervent house to receive their stage commandants.

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Hare & Hounds Kings Heath

Hare & Hounds Kings Heath has established as one of the best small music venues in Birmingham. The city’s rich cultural scene has many thanks to give to the pub where all musical genres have expression through the most varied line-ups of artists week after week.

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Oh Yeah Music Centre

Based on the “Open the doors to music potential” motto, Oh Yeah is a dynamic cultural and social centre located in Belfast. The truth is it, is by all means, full of potential to be explored itself. It is constituted by several rehearsal rooms for bands, stages where many concerts take place and also spaces for creative musicians. Meet what’s behind the Oh Yeah Music Centre’s appeal.

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The Magnet

More than just a bar, The Magnet has many stories to tell when it comes to culture in all forms. For about 58 years the Liverpool’s venue has been dedicating its space to the citiy’s artists and their loyal admirers.

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TwickFolk is an acoustic music club located in Twickenham, South West London. Founded in 1983, it is now one of the most respected folk venues in the area. Besides its varied programme, TwickFolk is an organisation run by a group of volunteers and assumes a non-profit identity.

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The Cluny

A bar, café, theatre, art gallery and music venue: The Cluny is all this rolled into one place that inevitably appeals many artistic residents. Situated right in the core Ouseburn Valley, in Newcastle upon Tyne, The Cluny generates one of the most stimulating cultural gatherings in the city.

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Kings Place

Offering a broad programme of jazz, spoken word, classical, folk and contemporary music, among many other artistic displays, Kings Place has been there in all the right moments and has created a few great opportunities in the business. After all this time, it keeps showing other venues how it’s done.

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Electric Ballroom

A notable live music venue goes by the name of Electric Ballroom. Host of many memorable rock concerts it is located in the heart of Camden and has served its visitors for more than 70 years with a wide variety of top performers.

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12 Bar Club

Located in Denmark Street, close to Soho, the 12 Bar club is a gathering place for London’s admirers of all sorts of music. Punk, garage, rock, folk, country, rockabilly and many more cultures are welcome at this unpretentious and thrilling music venue.



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