Why you should stop sending email newsletters.

We agree that music booking is a sales work with something unique to sell: live music performances. Isn't that great? Like any other sales job, it is important to follow some metrics that help us drive our strategies. Today, we discuss three relevant concepts for an artist booking funnel.

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Why you should meet us at Womex 2016.

We want to share with you three good reasons for a fifteen minutes meeting in the beautiful city of Santiago de Compostela, where the most relevant World Music professional event takes place this year. Have a look!

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Ensuring positive reviews to your events.

No one has the formula to make a successful music event. However, there are some critical factors in the equation that we must know and control. It’s really easy to imagine how things are amazing when everything goes well. People celebrating, great reviews and sponsors with a pen in hand to sign a new contract. But, how if the event goes out of control? Which things can screw you up?

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