Dirty Thrills

Dirty Thrills have been discovered and soon labelled as one of the most exciting rock ‘n’ roll groups recently joint to the UK music prospect. Lead by Moody Blues’ son, the newcomers came out of the box in 2012, showing the most savage, sensuous and crude side of old school blues is still hip.

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Max Wheeler and Victoria Port form the Anushka duet. The Brighton-based musicians’ work displays both skill and class. Bass music has a lot to gain from the pair’s creativity. We’re telling you their songs could make British dance floors the most charming ever.

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Elephant is a duo comprised of Amelia Rivas and Christian Pinchbeck. Rivas has described their work as “an accident that actually turned out pretty well”. This accident’s success formula resides in Amelia’s delicate vocals surrounded by poignant minor details in their songs’ melodies.

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In 2012 Belfast-born siblings Thom and Lucy formed Southern. This Liverpool-based group’s eponymous EP has had a bombastic reception and the tunes that followed have made the point even clearer: they’re here to stay and not about to get ignored by the big figures in the showbiz.

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Real inspiring contemporary music has been done lately in the UK. One more example of that is the British band Pylo. Formed in 2012, the group of young men was perhaps far from imagining that the desire of resurrecting their background of influences’ legacy would make them the next big thing.

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Polar Bear

Polar Bear is an experimental jazz group trying to merge as much harmonious genres in one as possible. Distinguished with the “Best Band” award, at BBC Jazz Award 2004, many other accolades followed for the British collective. Polar Bear embraced the marriage of different worlds of music and it seems they have created a new melodic hybrid.

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Liverpool’s new band Veyu aspires to take the listeners on a strong emotional ride. For that, they create well-served mournful, intimate and dense songs covered in harmony and sensibility.

Alex Lipinski

Following the example of his idols and huge stars John Lennon and Bob Dylan, Alex Lipinski has amazed many listeners with such a memorable voice. His approach on music has conquered several fans and the British artist has dedicated himself to an agenda full of gigs across the UK.

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Ashley Sofia

Recently considered one important figure associated with the future of folk rock, young artist Ashley Sofia is a breeze of fresh air in the Adirondacks’ sky. The American artist has been playing music since early age and keeps on learning and showing her many, many talents.

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The Day Of The Rabblement

Six piece indie folk band The Day of the Rabblement emerges from Portsmouth, mingling strong vocals skills and harmonious instrumentations.

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