A London-based four-piece is playing a new kind of folk: we could call it folk gone bad. Cece Wyldeck (lead vocals and guitar), Dom Cheung (lead guitar), Jacob Hollebon (bass), David Churchyard (drums) comprise the Wyldeck, a group that decided to transform all preconceived notions of the music genre with its obscure layers.

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Ben Romans Hopcraft, Leo Dobsen, Daniel Salamons and Jonny Williams comprise the Childhood gang. These Londoners have recently released their debut album titled “Lacuna”. According to The Guardian they might be on to something: and it’s just “what the world is waiting for”.

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Continuous evolution, the evocation of paradox feelings and intense orchestration are the engines guiding the West London band Famy on the way to triumph.

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Nancy Elizabeth

Manchester-based Nancy Elizabeth Cunliffe is a folk musician with a real, deep understanding of how to put emotions in words and music notes. She has been releasing her work through The Leaf Label and plays with all kinds of instruments since she can remember.

Smoke Fairies

They started building a reputation through their impressive live concerts, arresting harmonies and skilled tricks in guitar playing. Now the Smoke Fairies return with an updated sound. Their new eponymous album leaves us in such an immersive state of mind it might as well be the best they’ve done yet.

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Shy Nature

William Blackaby (vocals, guitar), Philip Havard (guitar), Matthew Paisley (drums), Gary Saloman (keyboard) are the official band members of North London’s Shy Nature. Formed in the beginning of 2013, the alternative group released the debut EP later that year only to discover a bit of the sweet taste of the spotlight.

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Pixel Fix

Pixel Fix are a four-piece group based in Oxfordshire. Marcus (vocals, guitar), Clem (lead guitar), Rob (drums) and Jarred (bass) incorporate the gang whose sound is essentially marked by guitars and dashes of electronic music.

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Zara McFarlane

She has been named one the most outstanding jazz discoveries in years. It hasn’t passed much time since the release of Zara McFarlane’s first album and the singer has already accomplished critical acclaim unlike anyone who recently made his/her way into that universe.

The Jackobins

Lively, powerful, hypnotizing - they’re The Jackobins. This quintet has just released their self-produced first EP and is already making fuss all over Liverpool’s music scene.

The Shed Spiders

You will feel originality, identity and attitude while listening to them. What you see is what you get. The Shed Spiders is the name of a new group from Wirral, North West England, trying to achieve their goals based on their talent, only. No imitations.

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