Camden is always one of the greatest epicentres of upcoming musical breeds. The affluence of new talents is a constant in this city and one of the promoters of this diversity range is Barfly. The venue has a tradition for showcasing a few of the best alternative bands.



Opened in March of 2013, Camden Barfly was renowned with the objective of displaying and publicizing new musical talents. With a capacity of around 420 people distributed across upstairs and downstairs rooms, Barfly frequently hosts countless gigs.

“It’s no exaggeration to describe this corner venue as an institution, since it’s welcomed across the threshold of its rather shabby upstairs room Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand and The Futureheads,” observed Time Out Magazine.

A long list of artists made the Barfly’s agenda. Live shows, club nights and other events become filled with innumerable sounds. But the music venue set in Camden Town, London, has a special spot reserved for rock, alternative and independent musicians.

Barfly has a considerable past history whose moments were memorable and have had huge impact in the British music scene. Former gathering space during the grunge and Britpop years, nowadays Barfly tries to maintain its reputation and keeps on functioning has a link in the chain of music networking.

The bar’s seven-day schedules integrate chances of championing cool new acts, making it a venue known for its visitors to be real music enthusiasts, critics and partygoers. Notable and popular names like The Killers, Friendly Fires, The Horrors and Kasabian have also stepped the stage at the Camden’s venue.