The power of classic rock is latent in Broken Witt Rebels’ music. James, Danny, Luke and Anthony are four firestarters from Birmingham that decided to entice with the fusion between the corrosion effect of rock n’ roll and the smoothest side of the blues.


They represent a rebel’s lament, a rebel’s yell. Broken Witt Rebels are comprised of James Tranter (vocals and lead guitar), Danny Core (vocals and rhythm guitar), Luke Davis (vocals and bass) and Anthony Byrne (drums and percussion). Their talents have come together in a four-piece group which is now under the support of Mas Records.

The British musicians have released their debut EP “This Town Belongs To Me” upon the manifested desire of giving the knot with both rock n’ roll and blues best music influences. The result was a three-song compendium exhibiting “a unique sound, glittered with comforting familiarities”, in the words of Alt Music Review’s online publication.

What seemed to take everyone by surprise was the fact that the first EP recorded by Broken Witt Rebels succeeded at the goal of sounding diverse, a real miscellanies pot, but still homogeneous as we would never expect it to be. It makes sense and the combination between both genres is elegantly done. “This is not a band that will wine and dine you, but they will take you to a dive bar and drink tequila with you until the sun comes up,” described reviewer Laura Kate Smith.

“All Worn Out” was the first track of their inaugural EP to be disseminated and constituted an evidence of what these boys can do with their competences, their instruments and the production wizardry.

The singles “Call Out The Sun” and “Only I” followed the first hit, pressing repeat on all the hype it started. The rebels left bare-naked what a great presence on stage they have. Actually live performances have been an important factor in the beginning of their fans’ quest. They have contributed to consolidate and agglomerate a series of new admirers and followers of the British band.

Now Birmingham-based musicians are ready to release their recent EP “Howlin’”. July is the month of their return and hopefully it will be filled with countless accolades for the four-piece.