Boom Bap Hip Hop Festival proves there still is a whole community fighting for the hip hop culture to continue alive and kicking it hard. The revolution will not be televised; the revolution will be live at the Peterborough’s countryside.



One of United Kingdom’s more memorable hip hop events is the Boom Bap Festival. Nothing more nothing less than a gathering of fanatics for the music genre, Boom Bap provides their followers with over 100 acts and about 13 different crews. “A 3 day music festival built out of love, respect and forward thinking in uniting the UK hip hop scene,” as the organisation puts it, is welcomed with joy by the British hip hop family.

Anything related to this culture form is allowed during the happening whose hometown is London’s city. Hip hop, alternative and dubstep music styles are the most explored, even though it focuses on the first genre.

One crazy weekend revolves around the presence of MC’s, beatboxers, spoken word poets, B-boys and B-girls, breakers, graffiti writers, DJ’s, producers, record labels, and much more.

All this spread across 7 stages taking place in the Peterborough’s countryside captivates a lot of attention into the hip hop highlight. Broken Culture’s website complimented its achievements up until now by saying: “The UK scene is in a good place right now and the incredible vibes throughout this weekend cemented UK Hip Hop as a genre that’s finally regaining some of the momentum and recognition it had at the start of the millennium. It was small enough to retain the sense of underground that seems almost essential to musical integrity, yet large enough to provide a damn good party.”

There are a bunch of attractions you wouldn’t want to miss when visiting the Boom Bap Festival, including Boom Bap décor, full interactive art, hip hop cinema, fun fairs, beatboxing workshops and graffiti demos.

Founded in 2012, Boom Bap Hip Hop Festival last year’s edition featured live acts from Chester P, Skinnyman, Buggsy, Dirty Dike and Klashnekoff. Now, that the new year of 2013 has come to an end, Boom Bap is coming back stronger than ever. The event will return from 10th to 13th July and, this time, it is ready to bet on a line-up filled with upcoming new artists from all over the world.