The band name seems far from the projections of the future about them. Bitter Ruin is a duo integrated by Georgia Train and Ben Richards who have been walking towards a series of accomplishments. They depend on absolutely no one other than themselves and their listeners.



They jam, play, write, record and release their music on their own. Through social media and live displays of talent and energy, Bitter Ruin show their work to the maximum possible. The duo doesn’t lose any time when it comes to produce new things and publicise them right away to their followers.

The musicians have been recognised as self-taught musicians, producers, inventors. They behold that gift or mere hard working ability that allows them to be associated with the list of recent DYI artists.

Interviewed by Clash Music, Ben Richard explained why they bother: “We’re very picky when it comes down to the quality of what we record.” The musician even admitted that the second album “Waves” is truthfully the first recording that they’re entirely happy about.

2007. Boy meets girl. They begin crafting what their sound could be like. How? Experimenting. But those experiences all have been developed and recorded. The duet self-released a few EPs.

As to the style of their tunes it has been linked with many waves. Noir Pop, Indie, Rock, Flamenco, Folk, Soul and Punk among a lot of sub-genres have been in the minds of people who have listened to Bitter Ruin. “Atmospheric experimental pop, with a difference,” wrote Clash Magazine in order to achieve the most loyal description of the band’s repertoire.