A clash between a long lost Victorian building and a full loaded art extravaganza takes place in Manchester. Antwerp Mansion has been the target of evolution. The place is resuscitating into a venue with a touch of difference and trendiness.



It is known for having a rough, crude and grand image. During the day there are wall echoes of testimonies left by band practices, film and photo shoots. As the night comes along, the Antwerp Mansion becomes alive with several artist performances and famed electronic parties.

Launched in October of 2011, the 390 capacity venue is called one of Manchester’s “worst kept secrets”. Andy Mansion had the dream of building a multi­-use venue that was able to provide artists with a place to meet, display their works and perform. “I wanted to create an alternative to other Manchester venues, which all feel too sterile to me,” he said.

They present their idea as “a renovation project, aiming to turn a beautiful but run down Victorian Mansion into a Music, Art and Photography Haven.” Open every day of the week, you’d probably find fascinating that Antwerp was actually built in 1840. What could today be a mansion in ruins is now a stylish place to gather. Club nights, gigs and art exhibitions fill most of the venue’s evenings.

A rebellious, haunting, burlesque and borderline atmosphere seems to be the first ingredient to attract crowds to its artistic web. “If you live in Manchester and haven’t been to Antwerp Mansion yet, either go now or move away. There is no point in living on the doorstep of what is without a doubt the best new venue in the city if you’re not going to step inside the grounds. The mansion represents everything that is and was brilliant about music, mainly due to its lack of rules,” confirmed [sic] Magazine’s website.