Leeds is the city where Adult Jazz four-piece was formed. The newcomers invested into creating an eclectic style that came out drowned in intensity, shine, and harmony. Proof of that is their debut album “Gist Is” whose critics have savoured and favoured.



“They make low-key pop more exciting with their clever folk harmonies and mind-bending experimentation,” acknowledged NME Magazine. “ ‘Gist Is’ is filled with intricate, idea-crammed, expectation-defying compositions,” added National Public Radio (NPR).

The group has been compared with the boldness and irreverence of old time musicians like Frank Zappa. The thing is: their songs are not that easy to digest. The tunes are actually meant to be bitten, proved and slowly taken in, at least by avid consumers of new music updates.

A band in the mood for a change is always welcome in the scene and Adult Jazz was greeted by many because of their capacity to transform and availability to explore new sonic tracks.

Leeds’ band has been trying hard to achieve as many accolades and effort recognition as possible. Since the release of their first single “Springful”, they’ve made it. After that drop, an optimistic path has begun.

These four elements write music together and that could perfectly be the reason why they sound so versatile and diversified. In “Gist Is” the songs seem to be entangled but also look different. “Thing is, even as it makes a kind of weirdness Zappa could dig, Adult Jazz does not serve it up by the pound. This band deploys its quirkiest quirks with surgical precision,” observed NPR.

Intangible, their repertoire has unique trademarks that make them one of the most deserveful artists to be paid attention and talked about in the music circles. More recently they have displayed tracks like “Am Gone”, “Springful” and “Spook” in their LP “Gist Is” and earned the reputation of something “wholly distinctive”, in the words of Pitchfork.